Sunday, September 10, 2006

Desert Storms

There was a beautiful... awesome really... lightning storm as I got off work Saturday morning. I drive up and over one of the hills that borders my town on the way home, so I pulled over and just watched it for like an hour. The sun rose while it was still lightninging making the clouds dark red and bright gold. I haven't stopped to watch a storm or a sunrise in a long time it was so beautiful. I got soaked but I didn't care. I even started dancing a bit listening to my iPod *laughs* then I noticed a bunch of people congregating at the pull off I was on, so I stopped most of the dancing. It made me too happy to stop it all though and I didn't care if they thought I was a retard. I leaned back and looked straight above me a moment before a huge lightning rippled across the clouds right over me. I felt the static electricity move from my head down my chest and quite a few strands of hair moved with it... it was kind of a freaky feeling *laughs* Ohhhh and it smelled SOOOoooo wonderful. Dirt and sage and rain... mmmm I love desert storms.


pixelpixie said...

i love watching storms too. specially the lightning. i once saw lightning strike the beach. apparently it resulted a very strange looking glass object.

The Hurt Fam said...

I'm glad you didn't die, Poop. I miss those storms lately.

Mom to 3 T's said...

Yeah, yeah, storms are beautiful, but what have you written LATELY??? Ah-hah!