Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Look - for the blog, not me :P

I really like this new look. That's all :) I might think of more to say later, but really... I love this layout!! It's kind of creepy around the edges, but mostly I just think it's awesome. I might write a story about what comes to mind when I look at it that won't make sense if I ever change the layout again, but yeah, I think I might. I have to go buy laundry detergent now.

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Hailey said...

I'm commenting because I just looked at your blog again, and you had a post from 2011. :) I love your new layout, too. You are amazing, and your story about your wallpaper will sell millions of copies whether or not you change the wallpaper itself. (Just look at "Yellow Wallpaper.") Anyhoo, I just dropped by to say Hi~ Love ya.