Monday, February 01, 2010

Thoughts on a Lonely Sunday

I found these while wandering through my documents folder. I know exactly why I wrote them. The why isn't important now, I just thought I'd share them to whoever might stumble by my blog :)

Words left unsaid...
Can't be regretted later
Will never show you how things could have been
Unanswered questions
Feeling hopeless
The never ending redundancy of my life
Another parting kiss
Another forced smile
Should I regret?
Would I cease to exist if I lose my regrets?
Will there ever be anyone I should trust?
How will I know?

Familiar, repetative depression.
The world flurries by, but I'm underwater
Drowning on my tears
My Oblivion continues to elude me.

She made up the bed
Her movements quick and efficient
Erasing traces of you
Perhaps now I can sleep.

The stink of your cigarettes in my hair
The taste of you in my mouth
The echo of you inside me
And you drive off, so carefree.

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Hailey said...

Hey... I know a guy... I'm just sayin'... ;)