Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Ultimate Fantasy

Hello all you out there in the ether...

A thought just occurred to me that made me chuckle. The Chipmunk movie came to mind just now for irrelevant reasons and I realized that as a child I hadn't had a crush on any of the chipmunks. I wanted Dave. This led me to think about my first movie star crush: Nicolas Cage's "Hi" from Raising Arizona. Then I pondered on the Twilight books/movie and neither Edward nor Jacob really did it for me. I wanted Charlie, Bella's Dad (if I had to choose).

Strolling down memory lane, visiting my old crushes and 'hmmm's I thought, "Wow... I'm kind of boring. I didn't have crushes on the magic people, or the ones with special powers. Amidst all the fantasy, I crushed on the real guys. Odd." Then I realized... I'm not down to earth; I'm not realistic. I've been crushing on the biggest fantasy of them all! An honest, decent guy.

*grin* Just thought that was humorous.

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Hailey said...

ROFLOL! Great insight!